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Yet Another RMMGA UK3 (Belper) Photo Album

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Photos by Al Evans:
[Alan And Shirl]
[Alan's Shop]
[David K. on Banjo]
[Bob Dorgan]
[Chris Rockcliffe]
[Chris as GeneKelly]
[Greg on Bass]
[Greg And Nigel]
[Magnus And Bob]
[Malcolm And Tony]
[Pat Martindale]
[Pete Howlett, Guy Snape]
[Pete Gay]
[Recording Session]
[Recording Session]
[Ronan And Charles]

Photos by Greg N.
[Shirley, Mort, Magnus]
[Guy Snape]
[Greg N.]
[Cea Evans]
[Graham (alias 'Orsino')]
[Acoustic Casualty]
[Henry Smithson]
[Mary Jacobs]
[Nigel Tucker]
[Magnus Paterson]
[David Kilpatrick]
[Bob Dorgan]
[Elisabeth, Ethel, Joan]
[Theresa, Joan, Linda, Ethel, Christine]
[Charles and Chris]
[The Northworthy Parlor Guitar]
[The Northworthy]
[The Northworthy's Back]
[Bob Dorgan again]

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Web site created and maintained by Greg N.

This web site contains photos and some live recordings from the RMMGA UK3 (Belper) meeting.

The Family Photo
(taken from David Kilpatrick's RMMGA UK3 page, with permission).

(staircase and landing - L to R): Zena Martindale, Theresa Dorgan (USA), Joan Park (USA), Linda (USA - Joan's cousin), Elisabeth Neaga (Germany), Ethel Duff, Christine Tucker, Pete Gay (alias 'Crumbs Robert' - formerly alias 'Gorblimey'), Phil Stevenson, Guy Snape (RMMGA founder), Henry Smithson

(Floor level - L to R): David Kilpatrick, Ray Tredaux (alias 'Jam Strangler') Ronan Toomey (Ireland), Shirley Kilpatrick, Nigel Tucker, (sitting) Greg Neaga (Germany), Charles Park (USA), Bob Dorgan (USA), Chris Rockcliffe, Mike Pugh (USA alias 'No Busking'), (sitting) Alan Marshall of Northworthy Guitars, Magnus Paterson

(Settee Level - L to R): Shirley Worral, Pat Martindale, George Duff, Al Evans (USA), Cea Evans (USA) Graham (alias 'Orsino')

(Front row on floor - L to R) Ken Nicol (ace guest guitarist and Shirley W's music teacher!), Mike 'Mort' Salmon (alias 'fastbreak'), Mary Jacobs